7 Essentials To Get A Voice Over Quote

7 Essentials To Get A Voice Over Quote

So, you want to hire a professional voice artist, but don’t know where to start or how much it will cost you. Getting an accurate quote is really easy when you provide the right information. Here are 7 things a voice artist (or their agent) will need to know to get it right first time.

01 Category

First, we need to know what we’re doing. Is it a commercial? A Promo? E-learning project? Explainer video for web? A corporate piece? A documentary? An audiobook? IVR for a phone system? A game? VO Rates vary a lot based on the category, so knowing what you’re intending to use the voice over for makes a big difference. Your project could also fall under multiple categories.

02 Number Of Scripts and Length

How many scripts are there? Any cutdowns or tag endings? When possible, having a copy of the final script or scripts is the easiest way for an artist or an agent to provide an accurate quote. A word count is the next best option, especially on long form narrations. We’ll use it to calculate the estimated length of the recording.

03 Usage Area

Is the recording you need for broadcast? If so, where? Radio or TV? Will it be broadcast locally only? Or countrywide or even internationally? Which markets, countries? Is it for social media? Internal use? Presentations? Marketing Emailers? Basically, we need to know exactly where the final recording will be used so that a fair rate can be quoted.

04 Usage Duration (Cycle)

Will you be using the VO in a commercial on a 1, 3, 6 or 12 month cycle? Will it be online for 6 months? Do you need it on your client’s website forever? Is it for a once off event? Often, longer usage cycles mean it’ll cost you much less per month than shorter ones.

05 Budget

Have you got a budget already? A set budget that can’t be altered or are you open to negotiate? Are you unsure of the rates for a professional voice over? Many voice artists will try and work within your budget if you’ve got a fair, working one in mind.

06 Deadline

Do you need the recording today? End of the week? By a specific date? Voice Artists will always meet your deadline if it’s reasonable and achievable. Short scripts and commercials can often get done within a matter of hours, but don’t expect a 3h long E-Learning script within that same timeframe. Booking an artist in advance with plenty of time to allow for reverts is always a good idea.

07 Home Studio or Not

Some artists are able to turnaround recordings quickly from their home studio, but not all artists have one or are able to be directed live at home. In South Africa, we are experiencing more and more loadshedding and most homes are not equipped with backup power. It’s often more effective to book them at pro recording studios where the environment and equipment is ready to go, even if the power is out.