What VoiceMe Is and Is Not

What VoiceMe Is and Is Not

What We Are

For Clients (Voice Seekers)

We provide a voice casting solution where clients can find voices for their projects and then contact the artist or their agent to arrange a recording session. We are a voice search engine and a booking tool for clients. A matchmaker.

From our side – we market the platform to clients as a solution to their casting needs. Our marketing campaigns, especially on social media and on direct emails are all in aid of this service. We promote the platform.

Should clients ask us to handle a particular project on their behalf, that is something that we can do, although this will happen through our parent company, Bigmouth Studios.

For Voice Artists

We provide a place to host your demo clips in a way that clients can easily find – and then book you for their project.

VoiceMe is a marketing tool that you can use to promote yourself in a professional manner. We provide you with a free public vanity URL (or shortlink) for use in any way you see fit, to direct clients straight to your profile (for example https://asutherland.voiceme.co.za). For voice artists that don’t have their own website or are not represented by an agent, having an online profile will be crucial to your career.

For artists that are signed up on a Premium Subscription, we will spotlight you in our marketing material occasionally.

For Talent Agents

We provide a Talent Agent profile that has its own search filtering system as well as links to the artists that are signed up with VoiceMe and your Agency. You can use this to easily find clips from your artists that are a perfect match for a client request.

You will also be the point of contact for clients that are looking to book your artists. Your details will be shown on their profile.

For Recording Studios

The studio profile works in exactly the same way as a client (voice seeker) profile if you are on the Free Subscription. Should you wish to upgrade to the Standard Studio Subscription, your studio will be included in a list of studios when clients use VoiceMe Projects to book and coordinate their sessions. For client that don’t have a studio lined up already, this is an excellent way to gain new clients with an immediate job opportunity.

What we are Not

We don’t book voices.

We also have no say in who gets booked or where the recording happens.

We are not a Talent Agency

We don’t represent any voice artists. You are in control of your own voice acting career. If you have an agent, you can link your profile to them and they will receive calls, emails and booking requests from clients.

We are not clients ourselves and don’t “create” work.

If you have not received a booking request, this is not because VoiceMe has failed you. It is because a client has not chosen you for their project. This could be for many reasons.

  • Perhaps they are looking for a male voice and you are female, or vice versa.
  • Ethnicity is important for some clients and brands. Maybe you just didn’t fit that criteria.
  • You may not have demos in the style or category they are looking for. If all your clips are hyper excited retail reads, and the client is looking for a soft warm narrator for an AV, you are not going to fit their brief. Diversify your demo clips to reach more clients.
  • You don’t sound like a professional voice artist. Clients wants to know that who they are booking is going to deliver their script in a professional way. If they do a search and a number of artists are shown in the results, and your clips sound badly recorded, or you struggle to read, or the client can’t make out what you are saying, they are going to select someone else that does. What you sound like on your demo is a representation of your professionalism and what you are going to do for them. If you don’t sound like a pro, seek coaching and training as quickly as possible and get yourself to the next level.
We are not a Music Label

I’m not sure exactly how this came about, but I get a lot of calls from people asking what they need to do to get onto the VoiceMe music label and record singles. As a singer, rapper or musician, you can sign up as voice artist and put demos in the Singer / Vocalist / Rapper category, however the majority of our clients are production houses and ad agencies, and are not using the site to find the next up and coming musician.