Why It’s Crucial to Have A Demo Clip on VoiceMe




Why It’s Crucial to Have A Demo Clip – There’s a lot of artists registered on VoiceMe that don’t have a demo up on their profile yet.

All the bits of info that you select when you set up your profile and add your clips is used in the search process. Your Gender, Languages Spoken and Ethnicity are all part of your “Basic Profile”. These are aspects of yourself that are common across all your clips.

Then when you add a demo clip, you’re going to tag it with an Accent corresponding to the Language you speak, a Vocal Range, one of the 13 categories it falls under, for example Advertising/Commercials or AV/Corporate etc, as well as up to 5 Keywords that describe your voice in the demo clip.

The search engine works by filtering and analyzing all the data from your profile and demo clips and then displays those as results when a client does a search. If you don’t have a demo, you won’t be displayed as there is no data to show. You need at least one demo on your profile at minimum, but more is better.

You will be included in search results that match at the very least, your Gender, Language and Vocal Range of your clips. If you have clips loaded in multiple Vocal Ranges, you cover a greater area in a search.

If the client has optionally selected a specific Accent, Ethnicity or Category, your clips will only show up if you match with what they are looking for. If your clip is tagged with a British accent, and the client needs South African, your clip will not come up in search. The search engine will display the best matching artists first, based on the clips they have loaded to their profiles. So the more clips you have that are in multiple categories, accents and vocal ranges, the more often you are going to be seen in results. Having a diverse portfolio of clips is essential especially in the commercial and corporate market.

If you need detailed info about how to complete your profile and add demos, please send an email to support@voiceme.co.za and we’ll help you to get it done.

Alternatively download the Artist Registration Pack from this link -> https://cutt.ly/VoiceMeInfoPack